Epoxy Technology, Inc. provides access to several brochures and flyers to help in selecting the right product for your application. We also offer custom formulating services for matching your unique requirements.

Custom Solutions for the Dynamic Advancement of the Electric Vehicle Market

Epoxy Technology and Epoxies, Etc are working together to provide enhanced solutions to the Electric Vehicle Market.  Epoxy, urethane, silicone and UV materials have been used in some of the most demanding applications which include battery & component assembly, EV chargers, transformer potting along with a variety of others.



EPO-TEK® Selector Guide

Epoxy Technology’s newest version of our Product Selector Guide. This piece supplies detailed product information on our full range of electrically & thermally conductive, thermally conductive/electrically insulating, optical/fiber optic, UV curing and UV hybrid epoxy adhesives. The guide allows users to easily select the optimal adhesive for their specific application; based on the best combination of physical, electrical and mechanical characteristics.



HI-REL Die Attach Adhesives

Epoxy Technology reviews Hi-REL die attach adhesives, desirable properties, applications and adhesive selection including steps to be considered when choosing a Hi-REL adhesives, and a listing of products available with MSL1 test results.



Highly Engineered & Enhanced Dispensing Products

Utilizing a significantly improved engineering manufacturing process method, Epoxy Technology offers adhesives with Enhanced Dispensed Properties (designated/listed 
as “-D”). These materials increase the reliability of high volume dispense applications by minimizing the potential for skips or misses in the dispense process, while allowing for smaller and more accurate dot sizes.



PCB Applications Guide


Epoxy Technology announces its latest offering for epoxy adhesive selection, our PCB Applications Guide. Applications include: IC Packaging, Ferrite Cores & Magnets, Flex PCB, Flip Chip, Glob Top, Glob Top Dam-N-Fill, LED, Photonic/Fiber Optic, Potting Compounds, SMD Non-Conductive, Surface Mount Adhesives/Solder Replacements and Thermal Interface Materials.



Medical Brochure


Epoxy Technology, Inc. showcases its comprehensive line of EPO-TEK® Biocompatible Medical Device Grade (MED) Products.  All EPO-TEK® MED products have undergone  specialized ISO 10933 testing from an independent outside testing laboratory. This new Medical Device Adhesives brochure provides detailed adhesive property information as well as product specific recommendations for many medical applications including: sensors, instruments, hearing aids, dental equipment, pacemakers, endoscopes and catheter products.



Low Outgassing Brochure


Epoxy Technology announces its newly updated Low Outgassing Adhesives brochure which includes several products that now meet the NASA ASTM E595, MIL-STD 883/5011 and Telcordia GR-1221 Standards. This brochure allows users to select the most appropriate EPO-TEK material; meeting the most stringent requirements necessary in critical designs.



Hybrid Chemistry Adhesives For Optoelectronics


UV Hybrid Adhesive Performance
from EPO-TEK®
“Fiber-Optic Industry Standard”
EPO-TEK® 353ND...

...Now Available with Enhanced Levels of Performance



Next Generation Hybrid Adhesives

Epoxy Technology, Inc. presents our new Epoxy/UV Hybrid Adhesives for Optoelectronics based on the "Industry Standard" EPO-TEK® 353ND.  This piece highlights three new hybrid products that allow initial UV tacking, followed by a thermal cure for overall process improvement, ease of handling and higher thru-put.


Specialty UV Curing Selector Guide

Epoxy Technology, Inc. offers a complete line of high performance Ultraviolet (UV) cure adhesives ranging in viscosity, flexibility, refractive index and light transmission.



EPO-TEK® Specialty Adhesives for Sensor Applications


Epoxy Technology Inc. has an extensive offering of specialty adhesives for Sensor
Applications: from Electrically Conductive, to Thermally Conductive, to Optical Grade
Adhesives, as well as UV Epoxy and UV Hybrid Adhesives. Our EPO-TEK® brand adhesives
are globally recognized for quality, performance and reliability.



Thermal Management Brochure

Epoxy Technology presents a comprehensive overview of thermal conductivity & management using EPO-TEK® products.  It highlights our most advanced products:  EPO-TEK  EK1000, EK1000-1 & EK2000. These cutting-edge, silver-filled adhesives exhibit exceptional thermal/electrical coductivity and provide superior performance in high reliability applications. 



Epoxy Adhesive Test Measurement Guide


Epoxy Technology offers our newest educational tool designed to assist adhesive users in gaining a more thorough understanding of adhesive properties and testing. The information contained within this guide is useful and invaluable for choosing the best adhesive in your specific application.



How to Interpret a Datasheet

When selecting an EPO-TEK® product for any application, the datasheet provides excellent information, and is a useful first reference guide. It is therefore important that the datasheet be correctly interpreted in order to achieve the expected properties and to avoid problems with any given product.



How To Work Properly With Epoxies - Step by Step Sheet


Epoxy Technology announces its new instructional sheet on how to work properly with epoxies from initial receipt of the material, appropriate storage & handling, surface preparation, mixing, applying as well as choosing the most applicable cure profile.



Cure Matters

After selecting the appropriate adhesive, determining the proper cure schedule is a very important aspect to achieving optimal adhesive performance for your specific application. 



Syringe Packaging

Epoxy Technology announces our worldwide syringe packaging capabilities with certified laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia.  All locations utilize our specialized packaging equipment. With extensive experience in epoxy formulation and handling, we are able to best package EPO-TEK® materials for optimal performance.



Custom Formulation Services


Epoxy Technology provides custom formulating services to our customers.  Leveraging our over 50+ years of specialty adhesive formulating expertise for your unique application to ensure that we meet your specific formulation requirements.



Halogen Free* Epoxy Adhesives

Epoxy Technology offers New Halogen Free* Epoxy Adhesives.  These products conform to environmental regulations and provide corrosion or electromigration resistance for high reliability electronic applications.



Halogen Free Brochure

Epoxy Technology offers several products meeting the stringent halogen free requirements based on IEC 61249-2-21 definition.  These epoxies have been formulated to satisfy the new green initiatives in PC manufacturing and many other applications.



LED Adhesive Selection


Epoxy Technology showcases their extensive line of LED adhesives for both Low Power (LP) and High Power (HP) LED systems. These products include electrically conductive, thermally conductive and electrically & thermally conductive materials.



EPO-TEK® 353ND Family of Products Selector Guide

Epoxy Technology presents a new comparative piece focused on the industry standard, EPO-TEK® 353ND, and it's related family of products used in semiconductor, hybrid, fiber optic and medical applications.  This is a visual and informative piece showing where each product falls based on a variety of physical properties.  



EPO-TEK® 353ND Family of Products for Fiber Optics

Epoxy Technology's optical line of adhesives are used for bonding and protective coatings in various fiber optic applications.  Our epoxy adhesives are frequently used to bundle optical fibers and bond components in optoelectronic devices.  



EK2000 Announcement


Epoxy Technology announces EPO-TEK® EK1000 & EPO-TEK® EK2000. These new silver filled adhesives exhibit exceptional thermal & electrical conductivity and are now available in either a single or two component format.



Electrically Conductive Adhesives with Enhanced Dispense Properties

Epoxy Technology presents New Electrically Conductive Adhesives with Enhanced Dispensed Properties.  These materials increase the reliability of high volume dispense applications by minimizing the potential for skips or misses in the dispense process, while allowing for smaller and more accurate dot sizes.



Flexible Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Epoxy Technology presents New Flexible Electrically Conductive Adhesives.  These materials are ideal for stress relief for large components or CTE mismatch parts.  They also can enhance mechanical performance in thermal cycling.



Fast Curing Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs)

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) offers an expanded line of Fast Curing Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs).  These ECAs are ideal for low temperature cure capability allowing use with temperature sensitive substrates such as copper and plastics. Fast Curing ECAs are an optimal choice for manufacturing processes with high volume/high throughput.




Room Temperature Curing ECAs

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) offers an expanded line of Room Temperature Curing Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs).  These ECAs are ideal for temperature sensitive substrates, allowing for a lower stress cure, best for large parts as well as high stress, temperature cycled parts. These epoxies require no oven curing; reducing capital costs and giving greater flexibility for bonding various part sizes.
EPO-TEK® EJ2189, EJ2189-LV, EJ2108, and EJ2312 are excellent options for applications that require a Room Temperature ECA.



Room Temperature Curing Optical Adhesives

Epoxy Technology presents New Room Temperature Curing Electrically Conductive Optical Adhesives.  These materials are ideal for temperature sensitive substrates, no need for an oven to accomodate large parts, and the lowest stress cure for large parts or high stress temperature cycling.



EPO-TEK® Adhesives for Concentrated Photo Voltaic (CPV)

Epoxy Technology offers a variety of specialty adhesives for your Concentrated Photo Voltaic (CPV) applications.



Biocompatibility Testing of Adhesives

Biocompatibility testing of adhesives is used to determine how compatible a material is within a biological environment. It is also used to predict any potentially harmful effects on the human body. The testing for this falls either under ISO 10993 or USP Class VI.



Cryogenic Temperatures and Epoxies

Epoxy Technology provides optical, thermally conductive and electrically conductive adhesives for a variety of cryogenic applications.  This piece discusses what happens to epoxies at these temperatures and which EPO-TEK products are best suited for this environment.



Fiber to Ferrule Bonding Guide

Epoxy Technology offers several optical adhesives for fiber to ferrule bonding.  These products range from high to low viscosity and are grouped by the following cure types: room temperature, thermal and UV.  



Glob Top Application Guide

Epoxy Technology offers a wide selection of optical, thermal and UV epoxies needed for glob top applications.  These materials are grouped by the two main types of glob tops: single material hemispherical and two material dam-and-fill.



Down-Hole Application Guide

Epoxy Technology presents various high temperature epoxies suited for down-hole applications that include die attach, heat sinking, capacitor attach, potting, fiber optics & sensors. 



EPO-TEK® Epoxies for Haptic Applications

From front end assembly...to back end display manufacturing, Epoxy Technology provides specialized epoxy adhesives for touch applications including: touch, gesture & motion, multi-touch & haptic display markets.  These products are formulated for exceptional quality and reliability.



Jewelry and Watches

Epoxy Technology offers adhesives for jewelry and watch applications.  The high-performing mechanical and physical strength properties of epoxies make them the ideal choice.



Hard Disk Drive Application Guide

Epoxy Technology specializes in a large selection of epoxies (including low halogen materials) used in many coating, sealing and bonding applications required in hard disk drives.  



Epoxies in Preservation and Restoration

Epoxy Technology offers specialty adhesive epoxies well suited for use in Preservation and Restoration Projects.



EPO-TEK® Adhesives for Solar Applications

Epoxy Technology announces an expanded line of solar adhesive products for thin film panel assembly.



Solar Ribbon Stringing with Epoxies

Solar ribbons can be attached with Silver-filled epoxy, often referred to as Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs), as well as
other conductive joining materials including, solder and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA )tapes. Solder joining ribbons to TCO/PV layers is the mainstream process used with crystalline Si wafer cells.



Solar Review - Epoxy Selection


Epoxy Technology products have been selected by top solar panel manufacturers due their well documented and extensive use in thermal management applications and proven reliable over many years of service.



Ultrasonic Application Guide

Epoxy Technology provides optical, thermally conductive and electrically conductive adhesives for ultrasound technology in the medical/heathcare, electronics, oil & gas and non destructive testing fields. 



Underfill Guide

Epoxy Technology manufactures a variety of underfills for several applications, with a key distinction being cure temperature.


For additional product selection assistance,
tell us about your application and its specific design criteria and a technical service representative will contact you directly.
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