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Epoxy Technology

Epoxy Technology, a Meridian Adhesives Group Company, is a leading specialty adhesive manufacturer that provides a full range of high-quality epoxy adhesives including UV cationic and free radical acrylates, which support the semiconductor, optoelectronic, medical, automotive (including the Electric Vehicle sector), aerospace, photovoltaics, military and electronic assembly markets.

Epoxy Technology is very proud of its recognized quality program, which includes our comprehensive ISO 9001 and MIL-STD 883/5011 certifications, as well as RoHS Compliance and Green Partnerships.

Our varied portfolio of adhesives includes electrically conductive, thermally conductive, and optical grade epoxies, as well as UVs, UV Hybrids and custom formulating expertise. Many of our adhesives have undergone additional specialized ISO 10993 testing to be classified as biocompatible/medical grade adhesives, which we call our EPO-TEK® “MED” Line.

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