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UV Radiometers

EIT® UV radiometers are calibrated instruments that measure UV energy in relation to a standard UV source. Online monitoring instruments are not calibrated; they indicate UV energy relative to a user-defined benchmark.

These radiometers optimize UV intensity and yields by perfecting the output intensity of a UV lamp at the target bond line. The user-friendly radiometry equipment enables consistent light output measurement—essential to the laboratory to production manufacturing process.

Epoxy Technology Europe SRL supplies the complete line of EIT UV radiometers and Online UV monitors:

  • EIT 3DCure® Sensor: This system quickly and easily profiles dimensional and shaped objects of any size. The sensor can produce up to 32 simultaneous measurements, which is perfect for the setup and process verification of your UV lamp system.
  • EIT Compact Sensor: This small, robust, and stable sensor is very resistant to solarization. The sensors have sealed optics to prevent clogging and an optional air/nitrogen purge to keep the sensor clean and fresh. They connect to all electronic monitoring components of EIT online.
  • EIT Microcure: This instrument measures the total amount of UV energy imparted on a workpiece passing through the curing system and the peak UV irradiance.
  • PowerPuck® II Profiler: The PowerPuck II Profiler and UviCure® Plus II Profiler radiometers measure total energy (mJ/cm2) & peak intensity (mW/cm2)
  • EIT PowerMAP II™: The UV PowerMAP® and UV PowerMAP II™ measure UV irradiance, radiant energy density, and temperature.

Our technical experts have vast knowledge and experience optimizing EIT’s UV performance and can assist you with your critical UV application challenges. Contact us to discuss your options. 

(Please note: these products are only available in Belgium.)

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