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Crucial for optimal dispensing, our product line includes high-quality needles designed for industrial use. Certified silicone-free, they fit perfectly to your precision castings.

Stainless Steel Needle Tips

Suitable for general applications and available in four different lengths: 0.25 inch – 6.35mm; 0.5 inch – 12.7mm; 1 inch – 25.4mm; 1.5 inch – 38.1mm. Straight or bent in 45° / 90°. Standardized color code, with various diameter a traceability system with numbered lots and are available in box of 50 pcs or in bulk

Brush Tips

These brush needles are equipped with a Luer-lock hub tube in stainless steel wrapped in a nickel-plated tube. There are six different bristle materials available from soft to very hard. They are available with different gauges with the same international color code as the general needles. 

Conical Tips

Designed for quick and even application of medium to high viscosity fluids and products with fillers. The precision cone allows a fluid to flow without restriction, reducing stringing and ooze.

Oval Tips

For dispensing of pasty products, such as sealants and epoxies. These needles enable a dispensing of thick materials in flat lines. 

Polypropylene Tips

These flexible needle tips are perfect for scratch-sensitive surfaces and can be cut to the needed length.

Precision Tips

The conical form of these needles makes it possible to let the fluid easily flow with a progressive reduction and loss of charges. The result is that there is a bigger flow than when you use a stainless cannula needle for an identical pressure. Hereby you can work with less pressure in order to manage the material. These tips are available with very small inside diameters of <1mm, perfect for micro dispensing.

Teflon® Tips

These tips provide an accurate control of dispensing drops; they prevent the capillary effect on the outside of the needle tip of low viscosity fluids. They are recommended for use with fluids that react or adhere to metals or and prevent scratching.

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