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ETE has partnered with Thinky ™ to offer homogeneous mixing solutions. Unrivaled on the market, these units answer your perfect dispersing needs using Thinky’s revolutionary 3D planetary mixing technology – essential for a seamless and consistent production process.

(Please note: These products are only available in Benelux.)

Mechanism of Planetary Centrifugal System

Vertical Convection Demonstrated

Examples of Material Processing

Extensive Range of Thinky Planetary Mixers

Thinky has created an extensive range of planetary mixers to cater to the mixing challenges faced by different industries, such as aeronautics, automobile, medical, electronics, and construction industries.  The range can be divided into two groups: the non-vacuum type that provides simultaneous process of mixing, dispersing and deaerating/defoaming under atmospheric pressure; and the vacuum type, which provides submicron level defoaming with a vacuum function. Additionally, there are solder paste mixers, nanomaterials devices and auxiliary devices such as the vacuum syringe charger.

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