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Novagard® is very proud to be a woman-owned and led company; it specializes in manufacturing neutral silicones for applications in electronics, energy, connectors, automotive, and industries in general. These products include lubricants, silicone compounds, silicones, and UV cross-linked conformal coatings.

The Novagard range is available in different packaging: cartridges, seals, and drums to adapt to your manufacturing process. Our solutions make it possible to cover most applications requiring adhesive, flexible, and durable sealants while providing a lubricating function for greases and efficient electrical insulation for compounds.

Epoxy Technology Europe distributes Novagard’s entire line of electronics-grade silicones, UV cure silicones and industrial adhesive/sealants, lubricants, encapsulants, pottants, glazing products, optically clear coatings, and thermal management materials.

Discover our Novagard® Range

With our extensive line of adhesive solutions that offer many different properties, sometimes making the right choice for your application can be difficult – let our specialists help you find the best product for your process.

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